Sunday, June 17, 2012

Best Thing I ever had

Wednesday, the last day we met together, 
Our final day of class occupies 
class full of history, full of love .. 
will not happen all the events for one year. 
thank you for your cooperation 
Do not forget all that has happened here 
This class is a beginning for our trip was in middle school 
48 children with different skill sets and unique 
48 with different characters 
will make us miss view of our class 
I hope you do not forget with this class 
I hope so. 
You guys are so amazing! 
without you guys this class does not mean 
we will remain a second family right? 
I hope so 
goodbye 78 
congratulations to the new class struggle 
filled with things and new challenges 
new friends, new lesson,a new day :) 
live it all the better 
do not be arrogant, pride will trap us 
Let's see a better world ;)
We Love @ RoacessHalley

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