Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 12,2012

3 Months! what happened? how? whom? Well no, of course not. I'm happy, nikole happy, are you happy? yeahh I miss read and post about things like this.
Thankful for what we Got. sure one day it will be very meaningful for us.

' 3个月了啊!我这成了季度微薄更新拉![偷笑] 又让 好多亲惦记,想念,念叨啦 ! 俺脸红着来赎罪拉![挤眼] 天! 这微薄新版面害得俺找了半天才搞清楚发薄的地方[晕] 先汇报妮可近况,一如既往地早8 晚5的上学,以神5的速度生长 看着她我是没理由的面对现实,勇敢地接受变老阿![泪] '

Nikole brodsky : DECEMBER 12, 2012

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